Anyone who has set an ambitious goal, such a writing a book, will know that it may be an easy decision to make but a tricky one to actually achieve. It is full of distractions, obstacles and pressures. Yet all the time, people are starting to write and on many occasions they finish shortly after, this is the way that writing goes. In order to finish a piece whether it is a short article or full-length novel it takes hard work!


Aware of this issue, Prolifiko founders Bec and Chris, decided to build something that would help writers, using scalable, persuasive technology to start people writing, help them develop and improve. Their science-backed system has helped hundreds of people complete all kinds of creative, educational and professional writing projects.


Prolifiko is more than just Fitbit for writing – it is based on years of research in the psychology of procrastination and productive creativity. Prolifiko is the first intelligent, digital coach for writing.


Working with Bec, Chris and Mike, we created the new app that powers Prolifiko, building both the backend system and the user interface, featuring a gentle and friendly experience for writers to achieve their goals and stay productive, in an easy and inspiring way.


The challenge was to build a product that worked across different platforms and was easily accessible wherever you are. After careful consideration and having worked with various frameworks such as React and Angular, we settled on Vue.js for user interface, using Django on the backend. We’ve been experimenting with Vue.js for a while, and it seemed to address many pain points of React while generally providing a more elegant and agile development experience.


The resulting product exceeded our own expectations. Vue.js is very lightweight which benefits many things like page load time, conversion, UX, SEO, etc. – something that is very important on the go, when connectivity might be an issue. The architecture is all about fast, high quality development, which is very important in today’s fast paced startup environment.


The feedback we received from users was the testament to the level of quality that went into the new Prolifiko app:


What a long way this has come! – looks great.


I LOVE the menu… so nice and clean.


I really like the new Prolifiko, the interface is very clean and responsive and the functionality is very useful.


Thank you, and keep up the great work!


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